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Iron particles are an especially corrosive contaminant mainly derived from brake pads which shred when the brakes are applied. Tiny, hot particles become aerosolised and bond quickly with the first substrate they come into contact. These particles quickly begin to oxidise, swelling as they do so and left in place can cause permanent pitting in the wheel or bodywork, requiring a costly respray. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure these harmful particles are removed regularly however they are virtually impossible to remove using regular wash products.

Magma is a specialist product designed to target iron particles. Using Colour Transform Technology, Magma develops into a deep red colour on contact with ferrous contamination and the active ingredient loosens the firm bond between particle and substrate. When the colour has fully developed, simply rinse away to reveal a ferrous-free finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Remove brake dust quickly & easily
  • Safe for use on wheels & bodywork
  • Non-contact - safer for substrates than rubbing with wash mitt
  • Colour Transform Technology shows the product is working
  • Safe for use on matte paint finishes
  • Will not remove existing wax or sealant

N.B. Not recommended for use on wrapped vehicles.

Directions for use:

  • Check bodywork & wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight
  • Wash car in the normal way
  • Spray Magma across the bodywork & wheels
  • Allow 3-5 minutes for Magma to react with ferrous particles – Magma will turn to a deep red colour
  • When colour change function reacts no further, rinse with clean water ensuring all traces of Magma are removed
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Stubborn contamination may be agitated with a brush

Size: 500ml

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