Bilt Hamber Touch-Less

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Bilt-Hamber TOUCH-LESS is a renewable sugar-based biodegradable snow foam pre-wash that delivers excellent cleaning and free rinsing properties. Ideal before use of TOUCH-ON coating / shampoo. TOUCH-LESS cleans without the use of petrochemical surfactants, solvents, phosphates, caustics, NTA, preservatives or biocides. Includes powerful corrosion inhibitors.


TOUCH-LESS may be applied with trigger spray, pump spray, pressure washer, or snow foam lance. The minimum recommended dilution rate should be 0.5% PIR (Panel Impact Ratio) and up to 2% for very dirty vehicles. Where application is through trigger spray or pump spray, the dilution calculation is easy to achieve, however, for application with pressure equipment it is essential to determine the amount of water being delivered to the equipment reservoir.

Use the following method to calculate PIR:

  1. Fill the detergent reservoir (on machine or lance) up to capacity with plain water. Turn detergent feed to full. Take a large bucket or container and discharge the lance into this, watching the reservoir until empty. Once empty, stop.
  2. The following calculations will achieve 2% dilution; Measure the total amount collected and multiply this number by 0.02 (Total can be measured in either volume with a measuring jug or by weight) this is the amount of TOUCH-LESS to use.
  3. Add the calculated amount from STEP TWO to the pressure-washer reservoir and top up to full with cold water and shake in for a few moments.

Alternatively, TOUCH-LESS can be applied using any pump, airless or trigger spray equipment - generation of foam is not important. Always allow the product to remain on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing - the longer the dwell time the better, but avoid allowing to dry.

Apply TOUCH-LESS to entire vehicle or panel by panel. Allow to soak for 1-5 minutes (but never allow to dry). Power-wash off.

  • It is not necessary to use all diluted touch-less in one wash. One litre of diluted product should last 4-5 washes.
  • Apply to cool panels in shaded conditions.
  • Do not allow this product to dry in use.
  • Keep the bottle neck and lid clean.
  • Removed dirt, grime, salts and road film will deposit on drives and surfaces - ensure area can be cleaned (avoid open textures etc) and do not allow deposits to dry before cleaning. Test surface and Drive compatibility before use.

Available Size: 1 Litre

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