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The Blo Car Dryer AIR-GT is one of the most powerful Car Dryers on the market today, feating twin motors that offer 8HP. This car blower will disperse water away effortlessly, and provide a much faster and safer drying method to prevent any risk of marring your paint surface during the drying process.

The BLO AIR GT comes with a swivelling wheelbase and a super long hose measuring over 26' (8 Meters) to give you the ability to get around the whole car without having to move your blower around often.


- 8HP via Twin Motors
- 64,000 FPM
- Super Long 26’/ 8M Hose
- Variable Air Speed Control
- Warm Filtered Air
- Long 16’/ 5M Power Cord
- 3 Year Warranty*

The Big Daddy BLO AIR-GT offers not one but two motors in-line, so if you are looking for the biggest and most powerful car dryer, this car blower is for you. Like it’s little brother it filters the air and heats it up to 30 degrees above ambient air temperature, to provide optimum drying speed for you and heat for season washing & drying of your car.

Twin Motors does mean a little more weight, but with this in consideration, BLO decided on a good set of swiveling wheels and base so you can move it around with ease in your garage, driveway or workshop - don't worry, the wheels lock to prevent it from driving away on its own! Combine a incredibly long extendable hose with over 8 (26') meters of length, we can safely say you can reach around most larger cars, 4wds, trucks, motorcycles and other weekend toys.

This blower will push out over 64,000 FPM at peak power to dry fast, but again comes with a fully variable power dial, so you can control this power and turn it down if needed for smaller or more delicate areas to ensure they are dried well but safely.

Designed and tested in the USA, the AIR-GT is backed with the same 3 Year Warranty* making this powerful 8HP Car Dryer a valuable addition to your Garage wash and dry set up.

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