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BLO AIR-RS is a compact Car Dryer that packs a big punch!

Ideal for safely and easily drying cars and motorcycles, driving out water from every vent, mirror or hiding spot. Do not let this lightweight car blower fool you, it packs a huge 5.5HP motor and comes with a 16’ (5M) Cord and brilliant expanding hose (Expands from 1.5m to 5m) enough to reach right around your car or bike


- 5.5HP via a Single Motor
- 43,500 FPM
- Long 16’/ 5 Meter Expanding Hose
- Variable Air Speed Control
- Warm Filtered Air
- Long 16’/ 5M Power Cord
- 3 Year Warranty*

We took a Car Dryer and wanted to make it better; increasing the motor power, airspeed, hose length and other components to make the drying experience easier, quicker and more effortless. This is one of the most powerful lightest and compact Car Dryers out there, offering up to 55% more drying power than some competitors!

To make drying easier, we have a included a 5M blower hose and 5M power cord! Combined together to give you enough reach to get around your car, 4WD or bike!.

With the large 5HP motor comes an increase in Air Temperature, up to 30 degrees above ambient temperature, which also provides faster drying. But this is not at the expense of clean filtered air, which is vital to drying delicate surfaces like paint, chrome and plastics safely. All this is delivered through a quality Hose connector that locks into the car blower and provides a soft & comfortable neoprene handle for you to direct that flow of warm filtered air and scare that water away. Did we mention the variable control, The AIR-RS allows you to turn up or down the power and airflow, when required in tight areas or delicate surfaces; so you have complete control whether you're wanting to blow dust out from your interior to drying areas that are impossible to reach.

With a separate 600w heating element it's able to generate heat up to 56 degrees, ensuring the water is displaced or evaporated to stop watermarks and leaving a perfectly streak-free finish.

Backed with a 3 Year Warranty* this innovative Car Dryer is an essential addition to your Garage wash and dry set up.

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