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The BLO AIR-S is a very compact yet powerful hand-held car dryer which makes it ideal for driving out water from areas like the wheels, grilles and engine bay you could even easily dry a motorbike or small car. The Blo Air-S may be small but carries a mighty punch with the highest output of any handheld dryer in its class.  The blower comes with a 5 metre (16 feet) cord as well as a choice of 3 nozzles to suit any job.  

After the success of the BLO AIR-RS and BLO AIR-GT  Blo wanted to create something handy for those who do not have the room for a larger dryer. 

Blo decided to look at small Motorcycle and Car Dryers and then innovated to produce the Air-S.  Blo needed the air forced through in a straight line which would increase the efficiency as well as performance and not from the bottom like most others do.  Blo then wanted even more airspeed! So, they added the most powerful motor possible for a hand-held dryer this thing is like a whirlwind when you turn it on!  Blo wanted this nor to be at the expense of weight either, as while it is the most powerful output its also the lightest in class! 

But, don't be fooled by the size of the Air-S! This is one of the smallest AND lightest Bike and Car Dryers, it is also one of the most powerful, offering up to 25% more drying power than most of its competitors.  

Multi Speed Power Switch

The Air-S has a 2-speed controller so you can have a less forceful airflow when required in tight areas or on delicate surfaces, this will give you complete control.  The handle provides a great ergonomic grip and also be used when the dryer is flipped upside down to make it easier to reach lower areas. 

The Blo Air-S is ideal for chasing water out of all the hard to reach areas like grilles, bumpers, vents and wheels.  Its also is a great tool for dusting interiors and even electronics and electrical devices.  

The Blo Air-S is backed by a 1 Year Warranty.  The Blo-S is an essential addition to your Garage setup! 

Product Specification 

  • 1200w / 1.5 HP via single motor
  • 21,800 FPM
  • Warm filtered air
  • 2 speed settings
  • Long 13ft' / 4M power cable
  • 1 year warranty*

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