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Carbon Collective's Ultimus supersedes their original Satsuma Snow Foam, it has been completely redesigned and reimagined.

Ultimus is a super concentrated formula, designed to create a high foam quantity and density whilst providing superb cling properties and cleaning power. It’s the ultimate snow foam.

Your vehicle should be foamed and left to dwell before rinsing, followed by hand washing. The snow foam is formulated to remove contaminants and lift surface dirt to create the safest wash possible.

When teamed up with a snow foam lance, the super concentrated formula generates maximum foam density and cling, only requiring 50ml of foam per 1L lance bottle.

Being pH neutral, the gentle surfactants effortlessly remove traffic film and embedded dirt without damaging waxes, sealants or coatings.

Key Features:

  • 50ml per 1 litre for medium foam
  • 100ml per 1 litre for thick dense foam
  • pH neutral
  • Maximum foam density
  • Extended dwell time
  • Superb cleaning power

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