CarPro TarX Tar & Adhesive Remover - 500ml

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Reduce intensive claying on your car, with CARPROTar X pre wash tar & adhesive remover. It's fast reacting formula boasts a lengthy dwell time as well, CARPRO Tar X is made with natural ingredients & based on renewable solvents. Suitable for all purpose degreasing, tar and asphalt removal, insect, tire mark, adhesives spot removal, traffic film & removal of all other bonded organic contamination.

We found that CARPRO Tar X has slightly more viscosity than other tar removers so it will cling little longer to the surface. It quickly penetrates and loosens tar, so it may be flushed off with water. CARPRO Tar X also has a neat little feature called 'glow colour tracer', which allows you to trace the sprayed area on dark or black color cars, Tar X will even glow at night, when applied it leaves traces on dark colour cars while rinsing. Don't worry, CARPROTar X fluorescent colour will wash off easy with spray rinsing.

Completely safe to use on paint, vinyl and plastic trims. This product contains no chlorinated solvents or harsh chemicals and is not corrosive. It is over 60% active ingredients.

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