IK Sprayer Multi TR1 with Label

Style: All Purpose Cleaner
Bottle Included: No
Sale price£1.95


Our vinyl labels can bedifficult to apply on your own, but don't  worry, We have the solution. Have us apply the vinyl for you before it has arrived to remove the headache of applying it youtself. 

No brand names, just the chemicals because you aren't bougie like that. Classic and timeless.

Made from water and chemical resistant vinyl, these labels can withstand whatever you put in your bottles, but don't go too crazy. The better you care for them the longer they'll last. 

Speicifically designed to fit IK sprayers' TR 1 Multi and HC Trigger Sprayers.


  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Citrus Pre Wash
  • Clay Lube
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Interior Cleaner
  • Iron Remover
  • Plastic Dressing
  • Quick Detailer
  • Tar Remover
  • Wheel Cleaner



When applying the labels, it's crucial that you be patient and take your time. A careful and precise installation will yield the best results.

  1.  Clean Bottle and ensure bottle is clean and free of any chemical spilage
  2.  Peal Backing from labels and transfer tape. 
  3.  Apply labels onto bottle applying pressure from top to bottom clearing all bubbles from the labels.
  4.  Slowely peal back the transfer tape ensuring the labels are not pealing with the transfer tape and sticking to the bottle. 
  5.  Enjoy your new slick bottles!


Bottles & Sprayers Not included.

**My Detailing Garage can not take responsibility for user error and incorrect application**

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