Kranzle HD 7/122 QR Pressure Washer

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Kranzle HD 10/122 Portable Pressure Washer with Quick Release

The Kranzle HD portable range was originally designed for the hire trade where heavy duty, low maintenance & exceptionally long service life expectancy are a neccessity. They have rapidly gone on to become the preferred choice of professional valeters & detailers due to their compact, space-saving design & durability.

With it's incredibly durable design the HD 10/122 is perfect for semi-industrial & commercial use. The soft start mechanism eases the load on the motor maximising the machines longevity.

While many other cheaper machines feature corrodable plastic or aluminium valve housings, the Kranzle 10/122's valve housings are manufactured from forged brass for added protection & extending the life expectancy of the machine. Featuring a low revving 4 pole continuous rated induction motor the HD 10/122 only draws 11 amps making it much better for running from an extension cable or generator (minimum 3.5 kVA), as well as offering extremely quiet operating sound levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Special brass pump head - guarantees long service life
  • Ceramic coated, stainless steel pistons - extremely low-wear surface
  • Adjustable pressure output - operating pressure can be accurately set depending on the cleaning task
  • Leakage return system - increases the units longevity by returning any leakage back into the waterflow
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge - large, clearly visible, glycerine dampened pressure display
  • Quick release fittings to speed up switching between lances and attachments 

Note: This unit will not draw from a tank. If you need a unit that does draw from a tank please see the HD 7/122 models.

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