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The perfect mix of a fine to medium clay grade is delivered in Lera Clay Bar from Stjärnagloss. Remove the risk of marring paintwork and carry out a thorough and effective decontamination process. The Lera Clay Bar is nicely weighted to ensure contamination is safely gathered but not at the price of churning up paintwork in the process.

Lera is recommended for use on a wet car, simply spray Stjärnagloss Glir Clay Lubricant on to the cool, wet panel, before working a small piece of the folded clay in straight lines.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fine to medium clay bar
  • 150G of clay
  • Enables safer claying, without causing any damage to paintwork
  • Suitable on all paint types
  • Can also be used on wheels & glass

Directions for use:

  • Tear/cut a small piece of clay from the bar and fold to small piece, roughly a few fingers wide
  • Ensuring the intended surface to treat is wet or lubricated with the dedicated lube, gently rub the clay over the paint
  • Feel the resistance in the process change from a rough feel, to smooth as the panel becomes cleaner
  • Check the face of the clay for contamination, then fold it over to a clean face if it has become too dirty
  • Continue with the folded piece until it requires folding again or until dirt comes through the folds of the bar
  • Throw the dirty piece of clay in the bin once finished

Size: 150g

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